Vim installation and setup

Remove Current Vim

sudo apt-get –purge remove vim
sudo apt-get autoremove

Build latest vim from source

Download latest

hg clone vim


./configure –with-features=huge –enable-rubyinterp — enable-python

(python-dev required)


sudo checkconfig

Dotfile folder on Guthub and linked in place





Vim Setups to Watch




Pathogen is a simple library for manipulating comma delimited path options. Add this to your vimrc:

call pathogen#runtime_append_all_bundles()

After adding this, you can take any plugin, unzip/untar/svn-checkout/git-clone it to its own private directory in .vim/bundle, and it will be added to the runtime path.  This makes it easy to remove or update each plugin individually.

Add vim scripts to submodules

git submodule add git:// vim/bundle/vim-blackboard
git submodule init
git submodule update


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