Mangled Ruby Learnings

Tattered cloth caught in the barbed wire of exploring the Ruby programming language

Ruby ponderables. yield and Enumerable

Freeze that string or be wary of change

Anything else is true.  Who are we?

Inspector p may be your friend.

Knights who say ri?

connecting with your inner . # ::

you respond_to? ‘my_affection’

What do we know of equality (==) on the Range?

How can … be less inclusive than ..?

1..5 === 3

self.respond_to? ‘madness’.intern # No method to my madness

<eol> terminates syntactically complete statement

‘.’ first non=white ruby 1.9 continuation

space between method name and ‘(‘

always run with -w. never run with scissors

all the classes with expression literals [Array, Hash, Range] # and others?

The Ruby interpreter evaluates expressions, producing values.

Formally called a “block”. What am I?

shebang. Sexist comment?

BEGIN END has special meaning

method arguments are passed “by value” rather than “by reference”, but the values passed are object references. RPL 3.8.1

new is a method of the Class class RPL 3.8.2

include Comparable. <=> used to define < <= == >= > RPL 3.8.6


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