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Drupal Development Companies

August 30, 2010

Monarch Digital – Colorado Springs


Lucidus is a leading provider of internet application development and hosting services. At our Keene, New Hampshire headquarters, and around the U.S., our full-time developers, programmers and project managers now number 11 and counting.


Drupal for Library Management

August 30, 2010

What is there?

Drupalib – as a place for Drupal implementors in libraries to share idea

Drupal Library Module

The library module allows users to manage the availability of nodes as assets. You can create custom content types using CCK and then add those content types to the library.

Innovative Interfaces – Trusted Library Technology and Services

Drupal module – millennium

This module integrates Drupal with III/Millennium WebOPACs (library catalogs): you can import bibliographic records, or embed records in a node using the input filter. Imported nodes can have taxonomy terms created from the original record, a real-time holdings display, Google Books links and embedded preview, and more.

Drupal “Book Post”

The Book Post module makes it easy to post information about books. Any 10 or 13-digit ISBN placed between double curly braces {{}} in a post will convert into the book cover, title, author and publication info. All data comes from the Open Library Project, an open source catalog that allows users to add books and edit metadata. If there is no cover available for the book you want to post, go on the Open Library and add one!

Open Library Project

One web page for every book ever published. It’s a lofty but achievable goal. To build Open Library, we need hundreds of millions of book records, a wiki interface, and lots of people who are willing to contribute their time and effort to building the site

Facebook gallery in Drupal

August 28, 2010

Facebook like picture galleries with user tags.  Would like to use Drupal user security to control access for my church.

Network diagram using svg in Drupal

August 28, 2010

Cisco Network Topology Icons

W3C – Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)

John Flower – Drupal needs SVG

Drupal Drawing API

SVG Web – JavaScript Library for SVG

SVG Web is a JavaScript library which provides SVG  support on many browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari. Using the library plus native SVG support you can instantly target ~95% of the existing installed web base.


August 27, 2010

Git The Basics Tutorial by Bart Trojanowski

nvie dot com – A successful Git branching model

Why aren’t you using git-flow?