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Much Simpler

Docs on using CCK node reference module

theDrupalBlog – parent child with CCK node reference module

InfoJunkie – Translating Entity-Relationship modeling to Drupal

In Drupal, CCK content types correspond to entities, while relations can be specified through a number of ways, including CCK node references and Relativity module’s parent-child relationship system.

Serial Field Module

This module provides an auto increment (serial) CCK field. Unlike Drupal built in auto increment node id, which is global and shared by nodes of all types – serial fields are managed per node type. For example, a serial field of an Invoice node type will generate a unique sequential number (starting at 1, then 2, etc.) dedicated for Invoice nodes. Allocation of serial numbers by this module is atomic, which means that serial values are unique even when multiple nodes are created simultaneously.

Node Reference Views Select Module

Provides a widget for Node Reference which displays the node teasers instead of a select box, and allows choosing the referenced nodes
from a Modal panel. The list is optionally sortable, depending on JQuery UI Sortables. The modal supports pagination, exposed filters
and exposed sorting, all using AJAX.

Hierarchical Select

This module defines the “hierarchical_select” form element, which is a greatly enhanced way for letting the user select items in a hierarchy. Hierarchical Select has the ability to save the entire lineage of a selection or only the “deepest” selection. You can configure it to force the user to make a selection as deep as possible in the tree, or allow the user to select an item anywhere in the tree. Levels can be labeled, you can configure limit the number of items that can be selected, configure a title for the dropbox, choose a site-wide animation delay, and so on. You can even create new items and levels through Hierarchical Select!

Hierarchical Select Node Module

This module allows the use of Hierarchical Select form element as a widget for CCK node reference field, both in node add/edit form and in views filter.

Node Relativity Module

The module allows parent-child relationships between nodes to be established, managed and searched. You can restrict the types of nodes that can be parented and the ordinality of parents. These are used to contextually create links to add new child nodes or attach existing ones. There is also a navigation block that uses a node’s ancestry to list out breadcrumb-style links.

Removing/renaming the standard fields from a node. (title, body etc)

VM – August 12, 2009 – 15:00

administer -> content types
edit the content type
expand submission form menu

remove the body label (this removes the body field)

title field. Every node requires a title. you have two options here.
use the title field to capture any of the text fields you are using


use the auto_nodetitle.module and have it auto generate a title and hide the title field.


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