Drupal Designers and Developers to Note

Matt Farina Blog

Matt Farina is an engineer, web developer for Palantir.net, co-host of the Geeks and God Podcast, Christian, and husband to a wonderful wife.

Drupal Development Best Practices: Tools (Part I)

by Matt Cheney of Ch. 3

Barry Jaspan

I am a computer programmer and serial entrepreneur that has founded four successful start-up software companies in the Boston area.

Angela Byron – WebChick

Angela Byron is one of the lead developers and a community manager for the open source content management system Drupal.

Eric Gundersen – Development Seed

Eric is the president and co-founder of Development Seed. Over the past seven years Eric has developed communications strategies and tools for some of the largest international development organizations in the world, in additional to working with U.S. based public health and education organizations. He is especially interested in improving information flows and efficiencies within large organizations, better integrating on the ground operations with those of their home bases, and visualizing information in actionable ways

Death by Tweet – RichardTammar dot com

Death by Tweet  Irritated by the zeitgeist I am contracted to evangelise

Ryan Szrama blog ByWombats

Ubercart project lead Ryan Szrama joins Commerce Guys

Ryan Szrama worked on BiblicalTraining dot org


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