Sift through Drupal 6 themes


The original design is StyleShout’s Colourise 1.0, awesome work from Erwin Aligam. I had modified text color scheme and typography to be more legible and more suitable for both Latin and Thai characters (my native).


LiteJazz is a GPL theme by RoopleTheme. It features 3 color styles, 12 fully collapsible regions, suckerfish menus, fluid or fixed widths, easy configuration, and more.

Salamander Skins

Salamander Skins is largely a ground-up rewrite of the Salamander theme. The main theme looks much like Salamander but it features 16 more color styles, 15 collapsible regions, suckerfish menus, built-in IE transparent PNG fix, and lots more.


A fresh design that balances simplicity, soft, neutral background colors, plenty of whitespace and big nice typography.

  • Standards-compliant XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS.
  • Liquid CSS layout (tableless) – the whole layout increases or decreases proportionally as dimensions are specified in ems.
  • Supports one, two and three columns.
  • Cross-browser compatible. Works fine in Firefox 2.0-3, IE 6-8, Safari, Chrome, and Opera.


A Minimalism theme for people who can appreciate simplicity.

  • Fixed width and sidebar-less
  • Tabs for primary links
  • Large typography and plenty of whitespace
  • CSS based (table less design)

Acquia Slate

All the incredible features of Fusion, including a point-and-click layout, selectable block styles and icons, dropdown menu, fluid width, configurable sidebars, typography settings, and more!


Ishmael Sanchez – Top 25 Drupal Themes

One of the major benefits of using content management systems such as Drupal is that website content is stored separately from the rules for the visual presentation of that content. This means that it is possible to change how a website looks without having to recreate all its pages. In Drupal, the layer that controls the visual presentation of content is called a “theme”. Thanks to Drupal’s active community, many ready-made themes are available to download and use. But selecting a theme from the many options available can be a time-consuming task. I evaluated 25 themes that you should consider when you are looking for a good Drupal theme for your Drupal-based website.

Drupal themes go nuclear with Fusion

The year 2010 brings us Drupal’s newest base theme, Fusion.  Currently, there probably isn’t a Drupal theme that offers site owners more control over layout and style than a Fusion based theme. Fusion has the support and backing of well-known Drupal theme shop, TopNotchThemes


dandland demo


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